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The cheats offered at this site are private and undetected. None of them have been released to to public. The continous development is still in progress, and customers provide feedback to improve the hacks and keep them up to date.

Design from scratch

Any hack is specially designed and highly tweaked for a specific game. I do not use any framework that can be adopted on almost any game easily as competitors do. Instead, I make use of the unique potential and specifics a certain game has. By that, my hacks stay one step ahead of competitors.

Different approaches

Most hacks use a similar technique to accomplish certain things. Often, that stuff has been published on a public developper board before. It's well known that developpers of anti-cheat software do read these boards too. Thefore I am surveilling the scene and I keep analysing competetive products to make sure my hacks are different.


Instead of cloning other people's hacks, Ive always tried to create and find new things, that have never been put into a hack before.

Always Quality over Quantity

I do not consider a hack sold more than 1500 time to be private anymore. Do you? Cheap stuff attracts alot of people, and a greedy vendor that care more about money than about your satisfaction and security won't care if you get caught 4 times within one week. When comparing prices you might take that into considerations. A hack half the price may sound the better deal for you, but recalculate once you've purchase the 4th copy of a game because all your cdkeys were banned by Punkbuster.

You will never get caught?

You don't to be caught ever? Don't cheat! It's as simply as this. Using a cheats will always be a risk as Punkbuster (for instance) is unpredictable. There is no undetectable hack, as there is no undetectable virus. There has and there never will be such thing. However the effort put into a hack to prevent you from beeing caught using my hacks have never been any higher. Certain hacks haven't been detected for years!

Which operating system (Windows) do I need?

Cheats work on any Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, both 32 and 64 bit. Some older cheats also work on XP.


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