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cod4Bot - Call of Duty 4 Modern Warefare Multihack

cod4Bot is the latest successor of the popular netCoders client hook series for Call of Duty. The engine is based on the work of RainerStoff back in the year 2003, and has been improved eversince. netCoders, still your number 1 source for private undetected cheats, provides uptodate multiplayerhacks for

  • Call of Duty 1 (upto v1.50)
  • Call of Duty United Offence (upto v1.51)
  • Call of Duty 2 (upto v1.3)
  • Call of Duty 4 (upto v1.7)
  • Call of Duty 5 (upto v1.7)
  • Call of Duty 6 (latest)
  • Call of Duty 7 (latest)

cod1Bot and cod2Bot are the most advanced multiplayer hacks on the market for almost 2 years now. That story of success will continue by introducing cod4Bot supporting Activision's latest edition: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warefare Multihack.

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cod4Bot - Features

Here's a short list of it's features:

  • Aimbot
    • Point/Health/Distance/FOV based target selection
    • Aim on key/full autoaim
    • Triggerbot
    • Aimthruwalls (kill enemies thru walls)
    • Location prediction (much better than other bot's)
    • Bullet correction
    • No recoil
    • Priority system for target selection
    • Auto shooter
    • Aim lock
    • Vector/Tag support
    • Humanised aiming
    • Random aiming
    • Full REAL PERFECT NO SPREAD on any weapon

  • ESP
    • Player names
    • Player distance
    • Player weapon
    • Player health
    • Class icon ESP
    • Grenade/trapmines icon ESP incl. timer
    • Bounding boxes
    • Laserpointer
    • Playerstate indicator (Zoomed, moving)

  • Wallhack
    • See players thruwalls

  • Chams
    • Colored models
    • Chams, colors customizable
  • Visuals
    • Crosshair
    • Crosshairnames
    • Threat warning
    • Kill stats
    • No Shellshock/no flashbang/no fog
    • 3D radar/direction indicator
    • Multikill/headshot messages (with icons!!)

  • Radar
    • Range and colors customizable
  • Sounds
    • Multikill sounds
    • Spree sounds

  • Spam
    • Console spammer (frags, winamp)
    • Custom killspam

  • Automatism
    • Auto vote/kick
    • Auto name change
    • Auto grenade throwback
    • Auto knife/melee

  • Tracker
    • If enabled, you will be able to find and join other bot users
    • All bots play as one team (bot is always a teammate)
    • Have even more fun raging public servers with your friends
    • Keep track and find other cod4Bot users
    • Never play alone ;)
    • Privacy notice (clan/leagues): If disabled, you won't be visible to anybody

  • Punkbuster
    • Undetected (bypassed the new PB)
    • Stealth hooking
    • Cvar hide
    • Clean screenshots
    • Enhanced PB protection
    • Polymorphism

  • X-Ray proof (other Anti Cheats in development)

  • Cvar unlocker

  • Autovote

  • Winamp spammer

  • Instant level up to 55, load/save stats

  • Config autosave/load (also by menu)

  • GUI/Menu

  • Secret tweaks & patches

  • Multi-Mod support
    • Works on COD patch v1.0, v1.1, v1.2 and v1.7 servers
    • Works on custom mods (PAM)

  • Easy setup

* Feature might not be ready at the moment/scheduled.

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cod4Bot - Footage

Screenshots, movies and recorded demos can be found here.

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